Tipsy, Fashionista

Want to be Sparktacular like Tipsy?  Want to be Tipsytastic??  You are in the right place!!! 

Giggles!!!  I'm Tipsy, Fashionista of Plushie Wear!  I hope you are ready to be beautiful!!  My clothing designs make everyone look and feel sparktacular!!!!  Giggles!!!!  Every item can be customized to the amount of sparkle you need in your life!!  And we all have the right to feel sparktacular....both plushies and hoomans!!!!  Giggles!!!! 

Besides making sparktacular shirts, I love hairbows, accessories, and my beary favoritest is CHOCOLATE!!!! But remember! Fake plushies can't have chocolate! Only REAL plushies!!! Giggles!!! Kisses!!!