Re-Homing Services


Here at Plushie Wear, we are about making sure all plushies have a happy, loving home as they deserve.  Just like relationships between Hoomans, Plushie-Hooman relationships come and go.  Just because that happens, doesn't mean there isn't another Hooman just waiting to offer unconditional love to a plushie.  This does not mean you don't love your plushie anymore!!  It just means you want the plushie baby to be placed in a home with more love than you are able to give at this time in your life.  We are here to help!!!! 

To help support this effort, Plushie Wear offers Plushie Re-Homing Services.  If you have plushies you would like to help find new homes, just send them to us at Plushie Wear Ranch!  We will let them enjoy the Plushie Wear Ranch and Spa while using our Adoption Network of Plushie Wear family members to help them find a perfect match for the perfect home.  The great thing is you can even watch the whole process via our Plushie Wear Instagram!!!!

Re-Homing your Plushies is easy!  You may ship them to Plushie Wear and the Plushie Wear Rescue Squad will take care of the rest!! Please send us a note via Instagram or (with a tracking number, if available) and know you are putting your plushies into good paws with us!

Our Address:

Plushie Wear
PO Box 1045
Polk City, Florida 33868
Happy Tears & thank you!
Your friends,
Froggie, Gator, Tipsy, Tab and Dudley
Plushie Wear Rescue Squad