Tab, Fashionisto

Hi!!!  I'm Tab!!  I am Plushie Wear's Fashionisto!!  I love designing bow ties, especially Sparktacular and Tabulous ones!!!  If you are looking for a bow tie, we can customize one to fit in your ideas or you can choose one from my page!  All the bow ties are pawmade and therefore, one-of-a-kind!!!!  Chose a Bow Tie by me and be Tabulous!!!!  Tabulous is a fun way to be!!!!

Let's see, what do I like to do? I love hanging out with my family! When I first moved to Plushie Wear Ranch, they accepted me for me! And I knew I had found my furever home! Allowing me to following my dream to be the best Plushie Fashionisto ever!!! 

I'm an extra fluffie plushie! Guess maybe I sneak a little too much chocolate? But Mommy Hooman says that's ok because there is more of me to snuggle! In that case, where's the chocolate?? A little extra fluff is Tabulous!!