Gator, Gatorgalactic Specialist

Hi y'all! I'm Gator. I'm a little on the shy side and pretty quiet. Froggie is always getting into things, but I try to stay out of trouble. Being Froggie's twin brother, I always seem to be the one trying to save him from himself! =) 

At Plushie Wear, I make all the Gatorgalactic shirts!! Have you looked at those? They are pawesome! Gatorgalactic is a special process that takes multiple days to create! Who knew Gators could be so creative? I figured since I'm not very good at drawing, being creative in other ways is fun!

I love to play outside! I love picnics! And I love my friends! My favorite game is Hide n' Seek!! Froggie thinks he always wins. Don't tell him I told you...but I am really the best at it! I usually fall asleep while he is out searching for me!