Fluffgivingmas Exchange Details

Buddy Names have been matched!! Woohooooo!! Let’s play Fluffgivingmas!!!!


Here we go….


Most important step…follow all the participants in the Fluffgivingmas Exchange. That will allow you to be able to see everyone’s IG for ideas, without suspicion!

Once that is done….follow each step below!!

Everyone needs to go on the shop ( plushiewear.com ). Look through the adoptables!!! Choose 5 of your favorite “things”. By things, you can list adoptables, PlushieID Tags, or even custom shirts!! Take screenshots of those things.

Post on your IG, your 5 favorite things. Tag us @plushiewear and also use the hashtag #plushieweartop5for2023

What you list on your top five does not mean that’s what you will receive as a gift. However, it does help to give your secret buddy ideas of things you like!

Then….The PW Rescue Squad will be reaching out to each one of you individually to give you your assigned buddy name!! This is the hooman/plushie you will be choosing a gift for! Don’t tell who you have as a buddy!! It’s top secret until gifts are opened!

Reminder: Each participant will choose a PW shop gift (minimum of $15) & Secret Santa bag of candy ($5) to be sent to your buddy. You will also be choosing a color for the candy bag design. If you decide to send extra items from the shop to your buddy, that is totally at your discretion.

DO NOT place an order on the shop. REPEAT….DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER ON THE SHOP!!! We will send individual invoices to everyone. When you decide what you want to send your buddy, just DM us directly!! We will handle the invoices from there!!

We have a new line of shirts. Those shirts will be showcased here and available to you first should you decide to add a shirt to your buddy’s gift package. The Fluffgivingmas design is only available to our participants!! Feel free to also add them to your top 5, if you would like!!!

That seems like alot, but we promise it’s not!!!!  Any questions?